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Vineyard Design

PPI Engineering provides erosion control services in the form of Erosion Control Plans (ECPs) as well as consulting services.  Erosion control systems can include components such as diversion ditches, grassed waterways, hillside benches, drop inlets, water conveyance pipelines and level spreaders.  PPI also includes proper selection and maintenance of cover crops with consideration given to soil type and erodibility, climatic conditions, desired management strategy, and compatibility with the primary crop.

In Napa County, ECPs are prepared in compliance with Napa County Planning, Building & Environmental Services’ requirements for Track I new vineyards (all new vineyards), Track I replant vineyards (typically replant plans that require removal of terraces) and Track II replant vineyards (a streamlined process for replanting vineyards).  In Napa County, local ordinances require annual winterization inspections to ensure the erosion control measures are functioning properly in advance of winter storms.  PPI Engineering provides these winterization inspections and reports and assists landowners with implementing their ECP as necessary.

In Sonoma County, ECPs are prepared in compliance with Sonoma County’s Grading, Drainage, Vineyard & Orchard Site Development (known as VESCO) requirements for new and replant vineyards. 


PPI also prepares ECPs in counties that do not have permitting requirements in place, should an owner wish to have a plan for the prevention of soil loss in place for resource protection and minimization of liability.


In addition, PPI provides project management of our ECPs after they are submitted, including coordination and management of any required sub-consultants (archaeologists, biologists, geologists, hydrogeologists, etc.).